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Sometimes when I tell people I have an HR consulting firm they automatically assume that we help companies find people a la staffing. While that is certainly an important part of human resources, it is a very small part of the HR function.

Managing human resources is the single most important area tied to company success. Putting it down in one sentence: If you don’t have good employees, you don’t have a company.

The recent Gallup Poll survey showed that 70% of American workers were disengaged – meaning they have little or no enthusiasm for their jobs. How can you move your company forward when employees are going through the motions? You can’t!

Good HR is a lot of work. Hiring the right people, paying them properly, motivating them, coaching and giving feedback all take precious time, but are vital to engaging employees.

With growth comes responsibility. Just as additional insurance, financial resources and more formal processes are needed with growth, human resources systems and processes are also needed.

A written employee handbook is just one of the tools. It helps both employees and management to understand the expectations as explained by the published company rules, policies and benefits information. It also forces the owner and supervisors to think through scenarios before they occur and make sure unrealistic precedents aren’t set.

Having the proper policies in place and supervisors that have been trained on State and Federal Regulations is key to keeping your organization safe from legal consequences. As a small business owner the success or downfall of your company must always be top of mind. If you and your managers need a refresher on employment laws, HR best-practices and management training, contact the DCSI team today! 

Give more attention to HR and your company will be more successful.

– Suzanne Lemen, Founder and CEO of DCSI