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Advisory Services

Strategic Business Transformation

Working with your organization to achieve long-term business strategy, goals, and outcomes, and create greater economic value

DCSI now offers expanded solutions for our clients to help them translate strategy into results, navigate change, and optimize performance.  We adapt our solutions as needed to meet a client’s specific business needs.  Our firm leverages a team of executive and senior-level consultants with numerous years of experience in small, large, private, and public business settings across various industries.

    Diverse business professionals

    Providing strategic business transformation solutions in areas including:

    M&A Transaction Support (Diligence to Integration)

    Executive Team member assessments and evaluations are conducted based on the specific needs of the buyer.

    Human Capital data room diligence analysis and reporting, including risk identification and mitigation.

    Development of the Human Capital post-acquisition integration plan with detailed deliverables across all HR functional areas.

    Fractional HR Resources Also referred to as part-time HR, outsourced HR or interim HR. The term “fractional” implies that the client is getting all the benefits of a regular CHRO or HR functional leadership team member tailored to the specific needs of the organization.


    CEO Coaching and Consultation    Customized executive coaching program designed specifically for those at the C-Suite level.  Our Coaching Consultant works individually with the client to understand all unique challenges and goals and develops a customized plan for achieving those goals.

     Organizational Design Work with the organization to analyze business processes and create the optimal structure needed to effectively deliver the functions and required activities and outputs. Defines the roles, responsibilities, and reporting relationships required to position the organization for future growth and success.

    Executive Team Alignment Enables the executive team to operate from a place of trust and accountability by defining desired culture, creating a shared vision and results to be achieved, and clarifying accountabilities and communication strategies.

    Succession Planning Will create the framework and operationalize the process for identifying critical roles in an organization. Identification, development, and management of high-potential talent and strategy for replacement planning for critical roles and key incumbents

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