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HR Boot Camp Training

Get in Top HR Shape!
HR Boot Camp I, HR Boot Camp II, Hiring Boot Camp virtual courses by DCSI

Get in top HR shape with DCSI! We now offer 3 virtual Human Resources Boot Camp series on a variety of topics. Whether you’re brand new to leadership or have years of experience, these courses have something for everyone! Interactive, virtual sessions where participants can ask the HR certified consultant questions. Attendees will also make a plan of action to implement the practices into their role.

Single ticket pricing starts at $650.00. Package pricing available for multiple attendees & multiple series!

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HR-I Boot Camp

June “Super Camp” Series: June 6th, 13th, and 20th

8:30AM – 11:30AM EST

DCSI’s HR Boot Camp I summer series contains three fast-paced virtual sessions designed to get employees in shape who recently acquired new Human Resources responsibilities as part of their job, need a refresher on HR practices, laws and responsibilities, or specialize in payroll, recruiting or other niche areas and want to round out their generalist skills.

Topics include:

  • HR Compliance & Employment Law
  • Compensation Practices
  • Recruiting, Training, & Hiring
  • Performance Management
  • Investigations & Terminations
  • Culture & Diversity

HR-II Boot Camp: Next-Level HR

September 15th, 22nd, 29th, October 6th, 13th, and 20th

9:30AM – 11:00AM EST

HR Boot Camp II is the sequel to HR Boot Camp I, applying hands-on experience with today’s most challenging HR issues. This series will explore the strategic role of Human Resources and the value of ihigh-levelnvesting in deliberate practices to support leaders, employees and the organization through today’s biggest challenges. This virtual 6-week series will spend 90 minutes a week on such “next level” practices as Data Analytics, audits, high-level investigations, change management, M&A, succession planning, a Culture of Accountability and more. Prior attendance in HR Boot Camp I is encouraged, but not required for involvement in this hands-on, engaging “next level” HR Boot Camp series.

Topics include:

  • Be an HR Partner to the Business
  • HR Data: HRIS & People Analytics
  • Succession Planning & Leadership Development
  • Investigations, Audits, & EEOC Responses
  • Leading Change: Mergers, Acquisitions, Growth & Downsizing
  • Policy Development, Substance Abuse & Labor Relations

Hiring Boot Camp

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Talent Management and Hiring remain a top strategic priority for all employers in 2023. DCSI’s Hiring Boot Camp is designed to support members of your Talent Team to understand the compliance and legal implications of interviewing & onboarding, identify new candidate sources, strengthen the interview process with behavioral interview questions and interview guides, create strategic compensation offers and more! Boot Camp is appropriate for all hiring managers, HR team members, recruiters and operational managers with hiring responsibilities.

Topics include:

  • Hiring Compliance
  • Strategic Talent Management
  • Sourcing Techniques
  • Behavioral Interviewing & Interview Strategies
  • Creative Compensation
  • Onboarding & Training

“I loved how inclusive this course was and how we were able to participate and ask questions, and it was never silly questions. You elaborated on real life experiences and made connections that made sense. 

Spring 2022 Hiring Boot Camp Participant

“HR Boot Camp I gave me a great introduction to basic principles. I liked how there were case studies to put what the lesson was about into a practical application.”


Ethan, Traders Hill Farm (Winter ’23 Boot Camp Attendee)


“I loved the interactive conversation between the facilitator and the attendees. I always looked forward to coming to the session because I always knew I could take some piece of information Sarah gave me and apply it. I loved the real-like scenarios we discussed. I also liked how we could always ask questions and we were even encouraged to email if we had any other concerns.”
HR I Boot Camp Participant-April 2022