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Workplace Investigations

Reach the Right Conclusions Quickly

Workplace investigations are a vital tool to protect your business from costly lawsuits and fines.  Our HR Consultants will guide you through each step to ensure a harmonious workplace.

We Have a Remedy for Tough Workplace Issues

Workplace investigations are becoming more common as employers make a true effort to provide a safe and harassment free workplace for their employees. Development of a comprehensive investigation summary includes recommended actions and steps through our third part HR investigator services. Our certified HR professionals have worked with organizations in all industries.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Objective investigators, with a minimum of 15 years experience
  • Dedicated resource to address issues quickly
  • Bring complete neutrality and objectivity to a situation
  • Reduce legal risk to the organization
  • Allow in-house counsel ability to later assist in trial, if needed
  • Act as expert and credible witness
  • Complete summary reports commiserate with the business needs
  • Provide recommendations to organization leadership based on HR Best Practices