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On-Demand Training

Practical and Useful

Expert training made available online and on-demand 24/7.

As one of the nation’s leading innovators in human resources training, DCSI has developed a simple and cost-effective method for organizations to provide their employees a learning platform they can access anywhere at anytime. HR On Demand Training provides exceptional value along with the quality content needed for maximum employee productivity and compliance.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Low cost per employee – a fraction of the cost of traditional training methods
  • Content available 24/7 with a simple login
  • Separate learning modules and exams allow more convenience for faster completion
  • Expert up-to-date SCORM compliant content
  • Special supervisor/manager training modules
  • Real time reporting of employee assignment completion
  • Simple-to-use report dashboard to track organizational progress

Course Descriptions

Sexual Harassment – Understanding and Prevention Modules

Recognizing Sexual Harassment

    1. The definition of harassment
    2. Why it is important for you to know about sexual harassment
    3. Laws that prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace

Differentiate between the two main types of harassment

    1. Define the two forms of sexual harassment
    2. Identify the differences between the two forms

Understand your role in promoting and maintaining a comfortable, productive work environment

    1. Who is affected by sexual harassment
    2. How to prevent sexual harassment
    3. Your role in creating a positive work environment

Understand a Leader’s Role (Managers only)

    1. How harassment interferes with company objectives
    2. How to handle a complaint
    3. Your role as a manager in prevention

Valuing Diversity in the Workplace Modules

Diversity in the Workplace Today

    1. The Value of Diverse Perspectives
    2. Laws that Protect
    3. Integrity, Ethics & Respect

Understanding the Role of Stereotypes & Bias

    1. Personal Perspectives
    2. How Stereotypes Create Barriers
    3. Appreciating Diversity

Recognizing & Responding to Prevent Harassment

    1. Types of Harassment
    2. Your Role in Preventing Harassment
    3. Speaking up

Creating a Multi-Cultural Workplace

    1. Valuing Inclusion
    2. Cultural Awareness
    3. Benefits of Team Diversity

Understanding a Leader’s Role (Managers only)

    1. The Business Case
    2. Manager’s Role in Prevention & Addressing Complaints
    3. Building a Culture that Values Diversity

Drug Free Workplace Modules

Commitment to a Drug-Free Workplace

    1. Drug-free workplace is everyone’s business
    2. The impact of drugs at work
    3. Company policy and legal basis

Dealing With Abuse

    1. Employee responsibilities
    2. Responding to signs of impairment

The Role of Supervisor (Managers only)

    1. The responsibilities of supervisors
    2. Understanding reasonable suspicion testing
    3. Responding to suspected drug use
    4. How to intervene with your employee