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On-Demand Training

Practical and Useful

Expert training made available online and on-demand 24/7.

As one of the nation’s leading innovators in human resources training, DCSI has developed a simple and cost-effective method for organizations to provide their employees a learning platform they can access anywhere at anytime. HR On Demand Training provides exceptional value along with the quality content needed for maximum employee productivity and compliance.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Low cost per employee – a fraction of the cost of traditional training methods
  • Content available 24/7 with a simple login
  • Separate learning modules and exams allow more convenience for faster completion
  • Expert up-to-date SCORM compliant content
  • Special supervisor/manager training modules
  • Real time reporting of employee assignment completion
  • Simple-to-use report dashboard to track organizational progress

Course Descriptions

Sexual Harassment-Understanding and Prevention Modules

Recognizing Sexual Harassment

  • The definition of harassment
  • Why it is important for you to know about sexual harassment
  • Laws that prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace

Differentiate between the two main types of harassment

  • Define the two forms of sexual harassment
  • Identify the differences between the two forms

Understand your role in promoting and maintaining a comfortable, productive work environment

  • Who is affected by sexual harassment
  • How to prevent sexual harassment
  • Your role in creating a positive work environment

Understand a Leader’s Role (Managers only)

  • How harassment interferes with company objectives
  • How to handle a complaint
  • Your role as a manager in prevention

Valuing Diversity in the Workplace Modules

Diversity in the Workplace Today

  • The Value of Diverse Perspectives
  • Laws that Protect
  • Integrity, Ethics & Respect

Understanding the Role of Stereotypes & Bias

  • Personal Perspectives
  • How Stereotypes Create Barriers
  • Appreciating Diversity

Recognizing & Responding to Prevent Harassment

  • Types of Harassment
  • Your Role in Preventing Harassment
  • Speaking up

Creating a Multi-Cultural Workplace

  • Valuing Inclusion
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Benefits of Team Diversity

Understanding a Leader’s Role (Managers only)

  • The Business Case
  • Manager’s Role in Prevention & Addressing Complaints
  • Building a Culture that Values Diversity

Drug Free Workplace Modules

Commitment to a Drug-Free Workplace

  • Drug-free workplace is everyone’s business
  • The impact of drugs at work
  • Company policy and legal basis

Dealing With Abuse

  • Employee responsibilities
  • Responding to signs of impairment

The Role of Supervisor (Managers only)

  • The responsibilities of supervisors
  • Understanding reasonable suspicion testing
  • Responding to suspected drug use
  • How to intervene with your employee