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Dynamic Con HR Conference

Friday, March 1st, 2024

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Dynamic Con HR Conference
Hosted by DCSI

Friday, March 1, 2024

Join DCSI for the 3rd Annual Dynamic Con one-day Human Resources Conference in Jacksonville, FL. This year’s event will again feature DCSI facilitators and current topics impacting today’s HR leaders and managers. The event will include 3 Speaking Sessions, HR Trivia, HR Q&A Panel, Lunch, Happy Hour, and a Pre-Con option for 1 extra certification credit. We can’t wait to see everyone!


Jacksonville Aloft Tapestry Park Hotel

4812 W Deer Lake Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246


Keynote Speakers

Pre-Con: Wage & Hour WAKE UP!

Sarah Laboranti, SHRM-CP

VP of Training & E-Solutions

The MEME-ing of HR

Megan Richardson, PHR, SHRM-CP

SVP of Consulting & CSO

Whose Job Is It?

Darrin Finley

Senior Training Consultant

Sarah Laboranti, DCSI HR Consultant & VP of Training & E-Solutions, leads this energetic, compliance-based session, asking such questions as, “Do you know how to correctly pay a non-exempt employee traveling out of town over the weekend?” or  “What about compensable time for the same employee who works remotely and travels to pick up their uniform in the middle of the workday?” 

Who says that our employees get to have all the fun?! Memes connect our world with a little humor and reality mixed together, even the HR world.  Join Megan Richardson, SVP, Chief Strategy Officer with Dynamic Corporate Solutions, Inc. as she explores what’s trending in the viral world and its real-world application in today’s workplace. 

HR has the capability and knowledge set to create policy, strategize talent acquisition and avoid employment liability, all to align the workforce with the vision of the organization.  But is HR the only resource for engaging and managing the workforce?  Who else has “people” responsibilities? In this session, DCSI’s highly engaging Senior Training Consultant and Leadership Advisor, Darrin Finley, will explore the shared role of both HR and organizational leaders in setting performance and behavior expectations, developing talent, providing critical feedback (the good and the bad!) and maintaining engagement. 

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*Please note that photographs and videos will be taken throughout the event for publication to DCSI’s website, social pages and marketing material distribution. Persons attending the Dynamic Con event who do not wish to have their image recorded for distribution should make their wishes known to the photographer and/or the event organizers: jtarter@dynamiccorp.com