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I recently heard the most amazing statement, a statement I’d like to say I earned after years of parenting:  “Hey, Mom!  You.  Were.  RIGHT!”

Whether a parent or not, I think we can all agree that it just feels good to be appreciated for our knowledge, and to be told as much.  But what really got me here is that my teenager was “today years old” when he realized that the advice his HR Mom gave him while applying for his very FIRST job actually helped get his foot in the door for an interview and subsequent hire. 

That novel advice, by the way, was to look a manager in the eye, offer a handshake, and ask if they are hiring.  Simple right?

Since that day, I’ve continued to follow his employment journey and am inspired by the other simple but HUGELY important lessons he is taking away from this first job experience.  He came home from new hire orientation explaining that everyone at work is expected to take feedback well and not get personally upset if a trainer corrects their behavior.  Employees are expected to greet every person who walks in and be positive,  100% of the time.  Customer service is a non-negotiable.  If your line is long or you don’t know an answer, all you need to do is ask someone for help.  It’s become second nature for him to now jump in and offer help to anyone else who is struggling, without hesitation or judgment. 

My HR mind can’t help but think of the opportunities we have as employers to ensure these lessons are a natural part of every employment experience, whether formal or informal. Do leaders create a culture of learning where it’s safe to make a mistake and grow from it? Is asking for help considered a sign of strength or weakness?  Make sure it’s known that feedback is how you support employee growth.  Articulate your culture and do it well, because the simplest behaviors are the foundation for a high-performing organization. 

Sarah Laboranti, VP of Training with Dynamic Corporate Solutions, Inc. (DCSI)



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