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Happy summer to our HR Community!  I hope you are all taking the time to relax and enjoy a little summer in your own way.  We all deserve a break, and with so many divisive topics in the news lately, it’s okay to take a deep breath and just “be”.


As employers, HR leaders and professionals, we are all affected by the media.  You may be saddened by mass shooting tragedies, frustrated (or a fan of) political events, curious about a new headline and how it will impact our country, or proud of a feel-good story in your newsfeed.  We all react differently to events happening in the media and in our world.  That’s what makes our world – and our workplace – such a beautiful thing.  We are all different, and react in different ways.  What is important is that we respect each other, and we don’t close ourselves off to opportunities to educate ourselves – see topics from someone else’s view point, be willing to grow, listen and learn. 


DCSI prides itself on doing just that – educating our community of leaders and HR professionals.  During Pride Month, we shared opportunities to educate on the topic of inclusion of transgender and non-binary employees in the workplace, including the topic of gender pronouns.  We offered best practices to Florida employers to comply with the Stop Woke Act effective July 1, 2022.  We are here to partner with employers and provide essential education for compliance and inclusion.  In the past month, we have also lost partners.  We were contacted by an out-of-state subscriber who “doesn’t work with people who are into this woke thing”, and more who unsubscribed or reacted to the topic of gender pronouns.  DCSI remains committed to providing unbiased training and support to our HR community, as you continue to support your own team.  Keep doing your great work, and we will keep doing ours.  Thanks for sticking with us.  And… as always… thanks for listening.  Suzi