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HR, employment law, training… let’s be honest, this may not always be the most favored meeting request that some leaders receive across their calendars. For some, those meetings and trainings are seen as a waste of time because “HR handles that.”

So let’s set the record straight. Risk is everywhere. Employment law, court decisions, even trends in industry-specific scrutiny are changing all the time, leaving companies vulnerable if there isn’t a strong HR foundation to start with. The most successful organizations know the value of creating and building upon a solid compliance foundation that includes:

• An updated employment handbook and set of policies based upon their mission statement.
• Hiring the right team with accurate job descriptions and a legally-compliant interviewing
• Taking the time to onboard and train new employees.
• Training the entire workforce on diversity, anti-discrimination, harassment prevention, safety, and health, and even provide additional supervisory skills training.
• Making sure leaders understand the “why” behind the procedures.

Solid HR practices and employment law training ensures that productivity, retention, and employee engagement are maintained at a high level while protecting the company legally and avoiding damage to its reputation. When we “do the RIGHT THING” for our employees, the entire company moves forward

Join me on Friday, April 16th, as I provide 30 minutes’ worth of valuable tips for Mitigating Your HR Risks and protecting the foundation of your company. We have three convenient times to choose from.