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Resiliency.  This is our word, fellow HR’ers.  We’ve seen it all.  We’ve heard it all.  And last year, we pretty much did it all.  And yet, here we are in the new year.  We’re not just surviving – we are thriving.  You might be snickering at that “not just surviving” comment.  Sure, we leave our computers at the end of the day in frustration, amazement, and sometimes disbelief, but we return the next day with more knowledge, commitment, creativity, and likely thicker skin than the day before.  We are resilient.  We do it for many reasons –  we believe in our organizational missions, we care about employee well-being, and we are proud of the voice of reason and guidance we provide. 

Today, you need to be resilient.  Rely on your practiced communication skills to have tough discussions with your employees and leaders.  Abandon your to-do list for a few hours, and talk to your employees.  Let them know that differences of opinion are okay, but violence is not.  Make plans to enhance security, communicate policies, and address issues immediately.  Assure them that they are safe at work because YOU have ensured your organization is committed to their safety.

When you go home today, know that you’ve made an impact.  And go back again tomorrow, ready to do the same.  You are resilient.