Daily HR Tips

Use Progressive Discipline (Oral, Written, Probation, Termination) and document everything when dealing with your employees.
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Fourth of July is a three-day weekend for many, allowing time off from work to enjoy Independence Day celebrations and time to spend with family.

Fourth of July CupcakesYour business may close on Friday the 3rd to give employees the day off, but do you have policies in place to handle paying for a holiday? Or what if your business is one of millions that still needs to be open with employees on the clock? If they work the holiday, do they need to be paid overtime? Do your policies reflect how they will be paid and are your employees aware?

These are some of the decisions that need to be made as your business is growing. Start with your Employee Handbook – has it been updated in the last year to reflect changes to your company as well as changes in regulatory trends? Don’t find out the hard way with fines or lawsuits.

The FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) and state wage and hour laws affect requirements for pay or no pay on holidays and days off. Do you know the rules for your company? Have you crafted a policy so your employees are informed?

There are no Federal laws that require an employer to provide time off to employees, and State laws do vary. Yet in today’s workforce, offering options like paid time off for holidays can help retain quality employees and keep your business growing.

The HR Toolkit® includes a fully vetted, legally compliant Employee Handbook for businesses based on size and state. DCSI also offers Compensation Reviews, FLSA Reviews, Compensation/Incentive Program Development, Salary Surveys, and Employee Handbook Review or Development as part of our Human Resources support options.

Call today to begin your review or inquire how The HR Toolkit® can work for your business. Give your employees one more reason to be proud to work for you!



If you’re rolling out new programs, need incremental resources or simply a new perspective, our experienced consultants provide ongoing HR support and end-to-end human resources project assistance.


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Workplace Training

We provide practical training for real people. DCSI manages HR and training projects through the entire lifecycle on an outsourced basis.



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Daily HR Tips

Use Progressive Discipline (Oral, Written, Probation, Termination) and document everything when dealing with your employees.

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