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Director of training

Sarah Laboranti is a motivated HR professional with over
twenty years of experience. She graduated from Western
Michigan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business
Management, and holds an MBA from the University of

She served as the HR Employment Manager for one of
the largest hospital systems in the Knoxville, TN area.
Sarah filled multiple HR roles over the course of three
system-wide merger/acquisitions within a 13-year span.
She developed and implemented a new performance
process throughout the health system, led the
implementation of a new HRIS/Payroll system, and
communicated all HR policy changes during the health
system mergers. Sarah was the “internal consultant” on
matters of employee relations, corporate policy, HRIS,
and leadership development.

Sarah is passionate about bringing new ideas to the
workforce and leveraging HR’s important role in the
organization. She has an upbeat attitude toward the role
of Human Resources, in which HR is empowered to “do
the right thing” for employees, leaders, the business, and
the community. Her leadership success, in or out of the
work environment, lies in her drive to consistently rally
great people around her and do what it takes to find
answers, get resources, and win as a team.