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Diversity and Inclusion

Building Stronger Organizations

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DCSI is here for you during these difficult times. Senior HR Consultants will partner with your Leadership and Human Resources teams to develop a custom Diversity & Inclusion program.
We can assist organizations with:
  • Program Development
  • Focus Groups
  • Policy Reviews
  • Training
  • Disparate Impact Analysis

Diversity and Inclusion Packages

Services and packages designed with your business and employees in mind.  

We offer Customized Solutions to Fit Your Unique Needs!


Senior DCSI Consultants will partner with Senior Leadership and Human Resources teams to develop a custom Diversity and Inclusion program. It is critical that employees have a part in creating an inclusive culture. The more they are involved, the more it will truly be part of the orgainzational culture.  This may include the following steps; however, based on the client’s individual needs prams may vary.

1. Creating a Diversity Statement and incorporating this statement into your workplace 

• Including the company website, job postings, signage

2. Conduct employee D&I survey – This is an important step to understand:

• What D&I means to employees

• How they feel about D&I in your workplace

• What they think it would look like to have a D&I workplace

3. Diversity Task Force/Committee/Council 

• This group would take feedback from survey and create action plans.

4. Hold a Diversity Fair 

5. Create a targeted recruitment strategy

6. Establish other D&I events 

• Celebrate diversity months/holidays, highlight different aspects of diversity, etc.

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