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This year I took an October vacation to see some pretty fall trees and visit family. As we were touring, we heard about a special Memorial in Southeastern Missouri that pays tribute to Vietnam Veterans. Located in Perryville, a tiny town with an amazing replica of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC. A Vietnam Veteran from Perryville donated the money to build this Memorial. The volunteer guides told us about Vets and their family members that visited every week. At the end of the war, these Vets felt like they didn’t matter and many were treated very badly. The memorial and recognition of their service and sacrifice really made a difference. It was an amazing visit!

As we honor our Veterans this year, it is important to honor ALL Vets. Recognition is so important. Memorials to our Vets are so important. A kind word of thanks is even more important. We even know this to be true in the workplace. Employees that feel recognized are more engaged and productive. We can learn a lot from recognizing Veterans.

Take a moment today to thank the Veterans in your workplace and while you are at it, thank your employees too. 

Suzanne K. Lemen

CEO and Founder, Dynamic Corporate Solutions, Inc.